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This is where numbers meet innovation and dreams turn into actionable strategies. We’re not just about financial data; we’re about the people behind every venture, the dreams they harbour, and the challenges they face. Join us on a journey to redefine your business potential.

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Pioneering in the financial sector, VHA Accounting sets the standard for innovation and excellence, distinguishing us as leaders in the industry. At VHA Accounting, we go beyond traditional accounting. Rooted in innovation and driven by a passion for nurturing businesses, we offer a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and human touch. With our expertise and empathy, we’re redefining financial success. 

As the first 24-hour accounting practice in South Africa, we ensure that expert advice is just a call away, anytime.

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Our experts specialise in farming enterprises as well as tax structuring, and collaborate with the leading team of attorneys at Sangham Inc. in Pietermaritzburg. 


Your hub for tax advisory and structuring is further enhanced by our partnership with RM Insurance Brokers in Umhlanga.


This branch is renowned for its expertise in annual financial statement preparation and caters to diverse business sectors.


A trusted partner for local businesses, our Greytown office offers tailored financial solutions with a personal touch.


Leading with innovation in financial services, our team in Hillcrest focuses on small to medium-sized enterprises.

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VHA is recognised our for dedication, innovation, and the difference we make in businesses like yours.


Resh MaharajResh Maharaj
03:26 20 Nov 23
I am currently living in Canada. Last week I required a document proving past employment from one of the major corporate banks where I worked in SA for a job in Canada. The Canadian company was doing back checks on my qualifications, employment, and criminal record in SA. I asked Vidyanth if there is any document that he could provide as an approved Tax Practitioner as the bank was delayed in assistance. Vidyanth assisted me immediately without any hesitation. As a result, I have now managed to secure that job.Vidyanth is not only an amazing and learned individual with tremendous expertise in accounting and tax practices, he is an amazing human who goes beyond the extra mile to satisfy his customers.I recommend VHA for any of your needs as this company has the human touch that many large, commercialized companies lack. Vidyanth will ensure that each customer’s needs are met as we are individuals and everyone's need is unique.
prenola mangarooprenola mangaroo
14:54 13 Oct 23
A massive thank you 😊 to vha solutions the most trustworthy and reliable company ever always going out of the way to help us and help others may u always grow further in business and always keep up the great work...
sherwin moodleysherwin moodley
12:59 13 Oct 23
Vidyanth and his team are super professional, super friendly they have delivered what they promised and they have been very patient with me and always answering all my questions. I would highly recommend this company. I will definitely be using them in the future.
Runisa EbrahimRunisa Ebrahim
20:53 01 Sep 23
Denise GenganDenise Gengan
19:57 30 Aug 23
Shainum Soni MoodleyShainum Soni Moodley
10:53 17 Aug 23
Vidyanth and his wonderful team, special mention goes out to Bongumusa, have gone above and beyond from the very 1st day of engagement 5 years ago. Thank you for the swift, efficient and excellent service provided. Definitely deserving of my 5 star rating.
Nikhil SewchurranNikhil Sewchurran
05:35 15 Aug 23
The most prestigious and professional accounting firm that I have come across their service is unmatched. A very welcoming environment and customers are always treated with the utmost respect. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Susie CarrickSusie Carrick
09:27 14 Aug 23
A big thank you to Vidyanth and his team, especially Adrian. You have always been patient, accomodating and very easy to work with. Thank you Vidyanth for the excellent service that your company provides. I have had other cheaper quotes for my 3 companies. I firmly believe that when" you pay peanuts,you get monkeys." Your prices are negotiable and affordable. Furthermore,it is a pleasure dealing with your company . God bless you and your staff for their commitment and dedication.Emerging Search ConsultantsEmerging BrandsRaingroup (Pty) LTD