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Attorney Trust Accounting

VHA Accounting Solutions Incorporated is a well knowledgeable firm who are equipped with the insight pertaining to the Provincial Law Societies and the relevant sections of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979.

At VHA Accounting Solutions Inc. we thrive to assist attorneys with their burden of administration thus allowing them more time to focus on expanding practice.
Our primary aim is to assist our fellow attorneys by providing support to assist them with the management of maintaining the virtue of the Trust Account. This is a responsibility on its own.

We believe that we are skilled in the administration duties of Trust Accounts due to the extensive knowledge we have pertaining to this. We use a respectable software and hold the necessary skill set and experience to help you ease the burden.
We work closely with many attorneys within the region and hope to form many relationships with other attorneys along our journey.

We at VHA Accounting Inc. offer a variety of trust accounting solutions:

  • An Established Trust Accounting Bureau.
  • Giving basic and in-depth trust accounting training.
  • Providing attorneys with compliant trust accounting records.
  • Preparing business accounting records for management and financial use.
  • Assisting in the reporting to the provincial law society.

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