VHA Accounting Solutions

Unclock Financial Potential

Propel Your Business Forward

Propel Your Business Forward

At VHA, we identify and implement the key drivers to unlock your business’s financial potential. We guide you through each step, ensuring your business leverages the latest in technology and understands it thoroughly for better decision-making.

Technology Competency and Tacit Skills Development

The business landscape is evolving, and so are the tools needed to navigate it. We ensure your business is equipped with the latest systems and that you have a deep understanding of these tools to make accurate decisions.

Essential Accounting Solutions

Your business's monthly services are enhanced with cutting-edge technology, allowing you to concentrate on growth while we handle the complexities of your accounting needs.

Financial Planning

Setting your business up for success, both now and in the future, begins with strategic financial planning. We help you establish a clear direction, assessing where your business currently stands and outlining the steps to reach your goals

Business Coaching

Our experienced business coaches are dedicated to your continuous improvement, offering guidance to refine your skills and strategies. This proactive approach not only aids in making better decisions but also prepares you to take your business to the next level.


Navigate the complexities of compliance with ease. Our expertise ensures that your business meets all regulatory requirements, making SARS and other compliance concerns a thing of the past.

Specialist Associates

Access our network of specialist associates, providing expert advice on various aspects of your business. This collaboration uncovers new avenues for financial growth and potential, pushing your business beyond traditional boundaries

Kashveer Mathura

Accounting Portfolio Manager

kashveer@vhaaccounting.com 078 882 9783

Adrian Surjoo

Quality Control Manager, SAICA


  • National Diploma in Cost and Management
  • Accounting
  • Advanced diploma in Accounting Sciences
  • Professional Accountant (S.A.)

Bongumusa Zondi


Bongumusa Zondi, a senior accountant, blends business advisory with expertise in financial reporting and taxation. With just under a decade of experience in accounting and taxation, his career journey began by obtaining a National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting and an Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences at the Durban University of Technology and University of South Africa, respectively. This was followed by a Junior Bookkeeper position at City Printing Works (Pty) Ltd. He began his SAIPA articles at Dobeyn Accounting Soultions and currently leads a dynamic accounting team and manages a sizeable portfolio of clients at VHA Accounting Solutions where he also completed his SAIPA Articles. Apart from assisting clients update their books and stay compliant with relevant authorities, he is fully interested in adding value through business advisory. Helping clients solve their financial problems and provide guidance on potential growth opportunities is his biggest passion. He has been driven by philosophies of teamwork and collaboration.

Notable achievements include qualifying as a Professional Accountant (S.A.) through SAIPA. Beyond the numbers, he enjoys watching sports, tutoring grade 12 learners, playing the piano and listening to classical music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and George Frideric Handel, adding a well-rounded dimension to his professional life.

bongumusa@vhaaccounting.com 082 359 4536

Karishma Bhola


The VHA Accounting Solutions team is excited to announce a new insurance service offering headed by Karishma Bhola. Karishma is an accredited financial advisor and has 18 years of experience in the finance industry and expertise in marketing/foreign exchange and business management. As a seasoned financial guru, she prides herself on delivering excellent client service every time.

Vidyanth Bhola

Director / CEO

Passionate about exceptional client service, Vidyanth Bhola serves a wide client base as an advisor and accountant.Vidyanth focuses on tax planning and estate and succession planning, which he approaches with enthusiasm for human relationships and a penchant for teamwork, to achieve outstanding results. In addition to being VHA Accounting Solutions Inc founder and as director of the Bhola group of companies, Vidyanth is involved on the board and advisory level with several non-profit organisations and other initiatives. Vidyanth obtained his BCom degree and H Tax Diploma from the University of South Africa after which he worked at Colenbrander Inc, as a Accounting Portfolio Manager. In 2018, Vidyanth found the accounting firm VHA Accounting Solutions Inc. Vidyanth is a family man and avid rugby fan. He enjoys learning about Aviation and flew a Boeing in the flight simulator in Dubai. Vidyanth also works on various charity organisations and is involved in various food drives. Vidyanth is a member of the South African Institute of Tax Professional (SAITA) and the Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA).