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At VHA Accounting Solutions, we don’t aim to follow, we lead. Our vision for our clients is what drives us. Everybody has untapped potential just waiting to be unearthed, and with VHA Accounting Solutions we ensure that potential is achieved.

There is a unique quality to the way we do business at VHA Accounting that is based on the idea that behind every business, there is a real person with real needs.

It’s easy to look at numbers and point out problems — what takes years of skill and practice is to get behind the numbers and see every factor that has an impact on clients’ profits, sales, growth, staff, etc. We believe we offer more, and we welcome you put our expertise to the test so that you too can realise your full potential.

Full-Service Offering

Our vision is to assist our clients in all possible business growth points and to ensure no stone is left unturned, we offer all services relating to accounting and compliance.

Digital Practice

Times are changing and so are we. With the evolution of technology, we ensure the digital side is embraced through Xero’s ground-breaking software to ensure that your business management is made easier.

Accountants of Today – Real Time Accounting

Our real-time accounting allows our clients access to cloud software compatible with practically any modern device, providing access to financial data anywhere, any time.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Unlike other firms, we strive to improve our community. Your partnership with us ensures we have the resources to give more back.

Offer Continuity

We strive to maintain consistency in our actions and to ensure no detail is missed in any step. This ensures you are not just a client but a partner.

Innovative and Forward Thinking

We understand the importance of not only making decisions for the present but also for the future. From our perspective, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Investment in Client Relationships

Our main objective and mission are to ensure your goals are met. We do this by understanding your unique business and its challenges.

Industry Knowledge and Expertise

We ensure our staff further their knowledge by ensuring they are up to date with the latest technology, trends and accounting regulations.


We ensure that you experience every interaction with us as timeous and positive.

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